My Marketing/Advertising/PR/Web Life

I recently dissected my CV intro. It’s good, filled with all the corporate jargon that an HR recruiter would be told to look for from a VP of marketing or demand gen. After some thought though, I realized the layman’s head would explode trying to decipher the way business 2 business folks communicate.

A tactical hands-on communications director”

English Please: I love strategy as much as execution. There’s something to be said for the skill to plan, but filling the pipeline with excrement should not be the end goal. We are still marketing to people damn it and people want to be entertained, engaged and enthralled. You wnat their name, it’s only fair you work for it Marketing Monkeys.

A 15 year Web marketing/writing, SEO and PPC strategist”

English Please: Spent 12 years keyword stuffing pages without teetering towards Google banning the page. The whole time writing short Web logs for thought leaders thinking how much more interesting that content was than the keyword stuffed pages. Spent the past three years learning how to share blogs from thought leaders because the rest of the world one day woke up and realized articles are far more interesting than product pages.

Plus I can tell you why you should care about user behavior on your site through analytics and behavior tools…and buy you some nice Google ad placement.

“Strive to bring a fresh perspective to every marketing piece”

English Please: I more than strive to bring a fresh perspective, I outright refuse to regurgitate the usual pablum that permeates the B2B marketplace. If you want vanilla, I’m not your guy. I craft campaigns and verbiage that gets noticed.

“Always holding to the tenets of the corporate brand’s tonality and image”

English Please: There’s a distinct difference between adhering to brand tenets and resting on the laurels of regurgitated copy. I know the lines of sensibility in business 2 business or even business 2 consumer, and I will never cross them for the sensationalist opens or clicks – I will however push the living hell out of boundaries till they almost break for results.

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