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PhonoGraphics Comic Book Radio Show – The Nicest Geek Stuff of the Year


Phonographics Party 93.4

Phonographics Party 93.4

Listen as I guest star on this week’s PhonoGraphics radio Comic Book show. Me and the guys talk the sensationalism of media, our Nicest geek moments of the year. And we make a TON of politically incorrect statements for the Holidays.



Phonographics Radio Show Party 93.4 – The Death of Charles Xavier

Listen to me and the Phonographics cats talk about the recent death of Charles Xavier in AVENGERS VS. X-MEN, and the rise of Scott Summers as the new Dark Phoenix.

We also wax poetic for a little bit on the DC 0 issues…

Party 93.4 Phonographics – September 15, 2012


PhonoGraphics – Comics and Music Collide on 93.4

The great part about reviewing comics for Ain’t It Cool News is getting asked to drop in on chats like the good folks at Party 93.4 had this past Saturday.

I am Optimous Douche and this is just one journey into the world of comics. We talk Rob Liefeld’s dparture from DC and I forgot what else, that was the main thing.

Listen to the PhonoGraphics 93.4 Comics & Music Podcast 8/25/12.