America The Breedingful – New Mandate to PATEY 2016 Platform

Read an interesting article today on Business Insider about America’s current economic slump..hah…slump…make that Scoliosis…extending until 2050.

The reason…our GDP essentially blows. The 3% growth of the GDP during America’s boom has now slowed to an anemic 0.9%.

The reason?

Basically we’re not fucking enough. That’s right kids GDP is tied to labor output and we needs peoples to outputs the labor. Gen X and the whiny Millennials (what do we expect they were weaned on Grunge) like to blame the Baby Boomers for sucking everything dry, but it was basically their overabundance that made us flourish.

So I’m adding a new mandate to me campaign platform for 2016. Every American must get out there and have more kids than they can afford. Seriously, I will not only take away the Pill from Medical Insurance I will tax the shit out of condoms, like 98% tax, 99% if ribbed. Flavored, you can’t afford flavored. You just got PateyCared™®.

But your sacrifice of starvation and not being able to educate these children will pay off like a golden shower of riches in 2075. Because we’ll have a TON of people producing…


Be right back…

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