So, two of my industrious co-workers decided to join the life hacking craze and build what IKEA touts as a “standing desk!”


Aside from being heinously ugly I would personally rather keep my options open for both standing and sitting during my work day.

Ahhh, and for anyone who says that this actually looks pretty cool, applaud IKEA marketing. This Lifehack was really just a way to clear out the ware house.

Here’s what this piece of shit looks like w/o ground effects

Standing Desk Real

That’s right, those are two end tables folks. Two ugly ass 90s end tables.


So here’s our poll sound off on what you think


  1. Todd

    I wasn’t going for style points when making this decision (this project also isn’t complete, the shelf hasn’t been added for the keyboard and mouse). My thought process for this was simple:
    1) I have back issues. My lower back contains two pinched nerves and three herniated disks. Sitting, laying, and standing for that matter, is never comfortable. 2) Personally, I feel I get lazy when I’m sitting. When you’re standing, you’re able to feel the blood flow better, causing more energy to work. 3) Finally, this breaks up the stigma of a “desk job”. I’m able to move and stay as active as I can while at work.

    I don’t plain to stand all day. Today, I stood for two hours, sat for one, stood for a few more, then sat for the final hour.

    I’m excited to see what happens in the days, weeks, and months to come.


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