Spoiler Alert Comic Book Podcast 5/23/16 Oldtron Edition: CIVIL WAR II #0, SUPERMAN: AMERICAN ALIEN #7, MAE #1, FUTURE QUEST #1

Comic Book Podcast

What is Oldtron Podcast? Comic books, comedy…ish…yet another brand for this five year audio adventure across AIN’T IT COOL NEWS, POPTARDSGO.com and…that’s it really. We’re good, but not that good. I’m Rob Patey. I’m hosting Mark Miller. We have been known as Optimous Douche and Ambush Bug, but we’re not proud of it. JD, our third member hurt himself dancing at improv class. No, you didn’t have a stroke.



4:30 – EMAIL FROM THE WEB: Batman V. Superman non-apology. Ronnie Stryke’s figurines.

24:00 – CIVIL WAR II #0 (w – Brian Michael Bendis, a – Olivier Coipel)

37:00 – SUPERMAN: AMERICAN ALIEN #7 (w – Max Landis, a – Jock)

47:00 – MAE #1 (w – Gene Ha, a – Gene Ha)

54:00 – FUTURE QUEST #1 (w – Jeff Parker, a – Evan Shaner & Steve Rude)


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