Spoiler Alert Comicbook Reviews Podcast 03/06/17 – AMERICA 1, THE DREGS 2, X-O MANOWAR SOLDIER 1, DEADPOOL 28, NIGHTWING 16, SUPERMAN 18

Comic Book Podcast

Welcome to the Spoiler Alert Comic Book Podcast. I’m Rob Patey, often known as Optimous Douche from AIN’T IT COOL NEWS. My counterpart is Mark L. Miller, my comic life-mate and editor on the same aforementioned AIN’T IT COOL comics. Our third wheel on this podcast tricycle is Johnny Destructo, he has a life though and decided to live it this week so the won’t be joining us.




0:00 – GEEK OF THE WEEK: Zelda, Breath of the wild
6:00 – EMAIL: Saintsaucy Talky Detectivey
8:50 – AMERICA 1 (Marvel: W – Gabby Rivera, A – Joe Quinoes)
26:28 – THE DREGS 2 (Black Mask: W – Lonnie Nadler & Zac Thompson, A – Eric Zawadzki)
35:17 – X-O MANOWAR SOLDIER 1 (Valiant: W – Matt Kindt, A – Tomas Giorello)
41:00 – SUPERMAN 18 – (DC: Peter Tomasi & Patrick Gleason, A – Patrick Gleason)
47:00 – DEADPOOL 28 – (Marvel: W – Gerry Duggan, A – Salva Espin)
56:55 – NIGHTWING 16 – (DC: W – Tim Seeley, A – Javier Fernandez)
1:00:05  – SAVAGE THINGS 1 – (Vertigo: W – Justin Jordan, A – Ibrahim Moustafa)

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By day I'm a content marketer and digital strategist for IBM. At night I transform into comic book reviewer and digital nonsense slinger for Ain't It Cool and any other site insane enough to have me. Views are my own and usually terrible. You've been warned.

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