#ASKROB received this powder keg question from Facebook fan Leo R. Cherry – “With George Takei in the hot seat for alleged sexual impropriety, how soon will it be before we hear from others about sexual harassment and genre stars?”

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Now! Like, right now! I mean, now, now, now, is the time when all people in position of power who made advances like a caveman huffing T-Rex testosterone must watch their own asses instead of groping others.

As for genre specific, just look at the recent Eddie Berganza heave-ho from DC offices. While I’ve never been one to bandwagon, and always been a big believer of guilty until proven innocent by a court of law, I believe it’s safe to say that when you willingly resign in light of allegations court is adjourned before it’s even in session. Also, Eddie’s exploits have been well documented years before #METOO ever hit the Twittosphere. Hell, even pseudo-celebs like my old EiC on Ain’t It Cool, couldn’t hide his grabby hands ways despite the fact his arms could barely extend beyond his bloated ginger torso.

As for further allegations like George Takei’s, I will be waiting rather than witch hunting. While I don’t want to downplay the anguish of victims, we must also be cognizant of bandwagons rallying around #METOO for personal gain. Without a fair and proper trial, we must wait for the accused to stand up and say, “I’ve done wrong.” Just like Louis C.K. recently did about his wildly weird ways of trying to make sexy time.

#PROTIP for people in power: Remember a time when you weren’t in power. Did you whip out your junk, grab other junk, or even bring up junk as a starter to hitting on someone? I imagine 99% of you will say no. Junk came at a later time

Original whistle blower NY TIMES is currently handling the sexual short comings of the elite in the most responsible fashion. They have a running list of the accused after the parties have admitted their wrongdoings. Is this perfect? No. But it’s perfect for now. No one (and I mean no one) has ever willingly relinquished a seat of power. The best we can hope for so no one else is subjected to the freakishly weird fetishes of those who have lost sight with reality is that the fear of getting caught will hasten a wave of mea culpas.