I do not fault pageants, there’s nothing wrong with the appreciation of beauty and teaching kids the basics of overcoming the gripping shyness. Even in business we sometimes need to work a room.

T&T is wrong simply because it focuses on obsession, no different then Hoarders. Oogling at freaks is at the heart of Americana, TLC is simply the modern day carnival. Oh how far we haven’t come.

Now…Honey Boo Boo. You want to know what’s killing the economy folks, all the Boo Boo families out there without a fucking TV show. The pride this family shows in sloth and avarice is exactly what will swallow the American dream more voraciously than they scoff Cheetos off the carpet. I’m sorry, not Cheetos, Air Filled Like Cheeseish Puffs.

Work…a sense of purpose beyond earthly pleasures, the Boo Boos know no such concepts.

Honey Boo Boo

What do the Boo Boos have? Pride. Pride in being stupid and merely grazing the earth. And that blind arrogance is the greatest sin of all.

Honey Boo Boo is an obnoxious prat, and I only pray that even the most obtuse who give this child ratings will eventually grow weary of her one trick schtick of annoyance.

Oh and isn’t the show called Toddlers is Tiaras? This kids like 45 now right?