10 Reasons You Don't Need MDMA wee little campaign I conjured to revitalize an exhausted database

Smartphones? A passing fad. Tablets? A smartphone too big for its britches!

Even if you believe in this “mobility” hoopla, does it really need to be managed and secured? Maybe not…

We’ve told you a million times why you need mobile device, app and doc management with strong security…but maybe you don’t. 

If your organization fits into one of these 10 highly “probable” scenarios, skip the MDM and with the money you save go buy the office…uhhh…a dozen donuts (sorry, but MaaS360 is really affordable).  

10 Reasons You Don’t Need Mobile Device Management


Do You:

  •  Employ only those assimilated by the Borg?
  • Feel smartphones are only for calls? 
  • Think business is best run uninformed?
  • Look for shiny halos over new hire’s heads?

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