green lantern new guardians 21 coverGREEN LANTERN NEW GUARDIANS 21
Writer: Justin Jordan
Artist: Brad Walker
Publisher: DC
Reviewer: Rob Patey (aka Optimous Douche – Ain’t It Cool News)

For 21 issues I have enjoyed the hell out of this book. I don’t have a fucking clue why it was called NEW GUARDIANS for the past twenty issues, but it was enjoyable. KYLE’S KWEST, SKITTLES LEAGUE or hell even RISE OF THE WHITE LANTERN would have been wonderful names to describe the journey we took with Mr. Bedard at the helm. The word “Guardians” though, has a very specific connotation in the DC Universe. The word either implies alopecia struck smurfs or beings that control the universe. What Kyle and crew went through were grand space sweeping adventures, but most certainly not “guardians.”

I wondered if this title would survive when the original emotionless ones lost their collective shit last year or if the Skittles League would take the galactic helm finally living up to their named self-prophecy. Well, Johns surprised us all with his last piece of architecture to the GL universe with the introduction of the hidden Guardians. Those scared lil Blue Guys left behind at the beginning of time to keep watch over the first lantern…appropriately this is now their story. So far I’m in it to win it. It’s a good story with a set of characters that are familiar from the old universe, but truly New 52 with their eternal wisdom slathered in raw emotion. I’m also thrilled to see Jordan get some good traction in the big leagues after the fine work he’s done in his Image bloodbath LUTHOR STRODE and his Valiant book SHADOWMAN. We could all smell the rigamortis on TEAM SEVEN when it was announced in previews. Jordan did a fine job, it was simply an unneeded concept. With NEW GUARDIANS he has a big task in the GL continuity, certainly the biggest in sheer power since the Guardians and white lantern Kyle Raynor could collapse the universe with a thought.

Jordan (not Hal) will be taking us on a definitive heroes’ journey through this book. Essentially we’re getting a galactic cruise with the Guardians finally seeing the universe after a few millennia and Kyle gets to serve as their begrudging guide during this omnipotent Rumspringa.

So that’s the arc. This issue gives specific focus to trying to talk Kyle into the job. Naturally that falls to the new GL leader Jordan (not Justin, although I think there’s good comedy there). Some fun constructs abounded thanks to Walker’s art and there was a pretty endearing scene between Kyle and Carol in a final send off to the old rainbow coalition. The rest of the issue serves as set-up for the issue 2 danger. Essentially the boys go to the most guarded place in the universe where sits an entity that’s been around before time. All hail the Galactawatcher.

Despite the drastic hand-off in creative talent since last issues, the GL universe feels more cohesive than ever. I’m sure it helps that all the new writers have had practice with beautifully woven connectivity over in Valiant.  You know, with all the sit DC editorial gets, we should all remember this set of books. Continuity has  always been tighter than the swaddling Kim Kardashian’s baby will need to keep warm since she decided it was too much of a bother to keep incubated, and there has never been a creator throwing up their arms in disgust and Tweeting #disgruntled. So to all the GL writers including Jordan (not Knight), to the editors who have  let creators create yet still  talk to each other and to the  New Guardians and all the GL titles, I salute you.