living-corpse-volume-1-post-mortem-tp-ken-haeser-paperback-cover-artTHE LIVING CORPSE OMNIBUS VOL 1
Writers & Artists: Ken Haeser & Buzz Hasson
Publisher: Dynamite Entertainment
Reviewer: Rob Patey (aka – Optimous Douche Ain’t It Cool News)

The LIVING CORPSE is an utterly ridiculous deconstruction of the holistic horror spectrum; and I say this with the utmost respect and congratulations.

I know…I know…we’re all ready to decry not another (insert monster here) book! But until the final death knell of the public zeitgeist with spooky rears its head in the form of a movie starring all four horsemen of the genre apocalypse (Pauly Shore, Brendan Frasier, Lindsay Lohan and Casper Van Dien) we should find any rays of sunshine we can. It’s OK to think this way, this was my inner dialog when Haeser and Hasson bludgeoned with me with this meaty omnibus at Wizard World Philly this year. I hemmed, they hawed and we eventually came to a consensus of “at least check it out you douche!”

Well thank you for your tenacity gents, because I simply couldn’t have had a better time if all four horsemen of the entertainment apocalypse were reading the book naked to me in my mancave.

The key to THE LIVING CORPSE’S SUCCESS is that it never shys away from what we are all thinking. Our protagonist, aptly named Corpsie is just as weary of the horrors of this world as all of us are. Whether he’s fighting a Wendigo, Werewolves or even the fucking Jersey Devil (sorry I grew up in Jersey – I have issues with field trips to the bitch ass Pine Barrens and withered witch uteruses) it’s always with tongue firmly implanted in cheek – not too hard though or it will poke through.

Corpsie is able to jump across monster movie types because his curse, aside from sentience, is the ability to use graveyards as a mass transit system. From locale to locale he goes, assisting residents of New Orleans against voodoo, young lovers getting busy in the Garden State and even Frankenstein’s monster who has now become a doctor himself.

He retains his composure through sustenance, in this case brains. There’s no mindless shuffling though. He gets a steady diet of the gray matter through friends like his gal Friday, a lovely emo chick who happens to also work at a morgue and from other because…well he’s really a nice guy despite his rotting exterior.

THE LIVING CORPSE CREATORSee, along with Corpsie’s sentience comes that persnickety thing called a conscience. Also he’s able to remember his life prior to his present state. Sadly, his son now works for a branch of the FBI specifically focused on the paranormal – so he has that to contend with, but at least he knows his son is exacting vengeance for the honor of his slain mother and sister versus just being a dick.

The style of THE LIVING CORPSE’S art is squarely in the Saturday Morning cartoon vein, but I couldn’t imagine the book any other way. There’s some gruesome shit that goes down as Corpsie kills turn coat injuns, mad scientists and werewolves and anything too realistic would diminish the essential comedy elements that make this book truly different from the rest of the horror deluge drowning comic shelves each week.

If you decide to try this title, you can’t find a better way to go than this Omnibus. Sequenced from original floppy delivery, the first six issues, half issues and the annual all flow into one seamless continuity. It would have been interesting to see answers come later, but having all the information up front does not diminish the experience in the least. Plus it’s cheaper!