All right, I’ll admit I have my grumpy pants on this morning, but now they are pants of RAGE!!!!!! The site StyleCaster, a place that reports on the importance of….fashion and how…fashion affects the world recently launched the article: THE 10 MOST IRRATIONALLY HATED STARS: ANNE HATHAWAY, NICKELBACK, MORE Let’s look at what they had to say and I’ll then tell you why they are hiring writers from the Moon of Moronia that circles the planet Braindead.

annehathaway-catwoman1. Anne Hathaway

I have no hatred of Miss Hathaway, but I have heard the hate. I had to read further.  StyleCaster’s words: By far the most hated celebrity right now, everything Hathaway did during awards season was publicly derided. People criticized everything from her bone structure and her vegan lifestyle to the mentions of her husband.  

Rob’s Take: According to who, StyleCaster? Does Nielsen now offer a rating system for hate? Have you traversed every tweet out the Interwebz? Is it because she’s vegan? I work in an office with about 200 people under 30, no one is burning Anne dolls in effigy. WHERE IS YOUR DATA STYLECASTER????? She’s a lovely woman in a stretched out Eddie Munster kind of way, a talented actress and gave the best damn rendition of Catwoman to date. And nowhere does StyleCrapper say why this hatred is unfounded. Read your own damn titles StyleCaster and follow through.

nickelback-hate2. Nickleback

StyleCaster’s Words: Seriously, who likes Nickelback? Okay, a lot of people—the Canadian band has sold millions of records—but nobody cool, right? That’s the message that’s become widespread over the past few years thanks to an alarming level of vitriol directed toward the band. Known for generic and grating lyrics, Nickelback has a unique knack of getting on almost everyone’s nerves. They also inspired a slew of other equally lame bands, like Puddle of Mudd and Hinder, so no one’s thanking them for their cultural contributions. To make matters worse, frontman Chad Kroeger got engaged to Avril Lavigne last year—an artist that’s had her fair share of unfounded public hatred. 

Rob’s Take: Again, you asshats forgot to mention why people shouldn’t hate them. Let me do the work for you. Sigh….Their tunes are catchy if somewhat bathed in sameness. They gave all the proceeds from one of their songs to world hunger. The song Rockstar lampooned the very culture your waste of diodes site seems to deify and propagate. Oh wait, maybe that’s it.

ZellwegerLemonDrops3. Renee Zelwegger

StyleCaster’s Words: The 43-year-old actress has received tons of flack over the years for no legitimate reason. Like Hathaway, a lot of people seem to have a problem with her facial features (many refer to her as “Lemon Face” and think it always looks like she’s sucking on something sour, but that’s not exactly her fault). Her acting is also criticized (despite the fact that she’s been nominated for Oscars and Golden Globes), and her constant musing over how hard it was to gain weight to film “Bridget Jones’s Diary” didn’t win her any fans. Also, in 2005, Zellweger married country singer Kenny Chesney in a lavish ceremony. Months later, the marriage was annulled, and she cited “fraud” as the reason. There was no further explanation given, which naturally prompted the public to think she was shady. Is it really our business though? No. 

Rob’s Take: No it’s not our business, but that’s not a fucking reason you hacks!!!!! Reasons are the things you stated above like her face not being her fault and the fact she is an academy award nominated actress. As for the weight gain (AND LOSS I MIGHT ADD), I have had a yo-yo body my whole life. I doubt Renee had issues gaining the weight, but losing it so she could ever hope to work again is a feat to be heralded. Whoever hates her for this I hope you enjoy your heart attack and Type II diabetes.

Lea+Michele+diva4. Lea Michele

StyleCaster’s Words: Like Anne Hathaway, Lea Michele is reminiscent of that theater kid everyone rolled their eyes at in high school, but on a very different scale. Unlike Anne, Lea doen’t even try to be humble. She’s animated, seemingly desperate for attention, and a rumored diva of the highest order. However, while these are reasons to be marginally irked, plenty of people claim they hate her face, which is just mean. Michele is undoubtedly talented, but will always be quick to attract naysayers. Also, her over-the-top preening and vamping on the red carpet has become a Hollywood joke, as has her overt attempt to wear “sexy” outfits.  

Rob’s Take: OK, you actually started to pay attention to your own article title here hacks, Bravo. However, your reasoning needs some work.  Lea doen’t even try to be humble. She’s animated, seemingly desperate for attention, and a rumored diva of the highest order. All of these are excellent reasons to hate someone. Plenty of people claim they hate her face, which is just mean. Stop hanging out with 6 year olds and you might get and be able to give a deeper analysis.  Also, her over-the-top preening and vamping on the red carpet has become a Hollywood joke, as has her overt attempt to wear “sexy” outfits.  Only ugly women hate her for this, the rest of the world applauds these as virtues.

kardashians5. Kim Kardashian

StyleCaster’s Words: Kim Kardashian: Yes, we know she made a sex tape and became rich and famous soon after. And yes, we know she doesn’t tweet about nuclear fission and she isn’t Stephen Hawking. But let’s be real: She never did anything wrong. Some feel that her 2011 wedding to Kris Humphries was a sham for public relations purposes (which we can’t argue with), but the attitude she receives from people is completely over the top, and comes off as jealous more than anything. Obviously, we’re not praising her here—she’s made plenty of missteps—but no one has been truly hurt in the process.  

Rob’s Take: My hatred of the Crapdashian’s is well documented in comic reviews to just downright rants. The fact this waste of oxygen is #5 instead of #1 on the list shows that StyleCaster clearly needs this wench for clicks and ad traffic.  Yes, we know she made a sex tape and became rich and famous soon after. That’s a pretty good reason to hate someone, but agreed we should probably hate ourselves more for deifying this. But let’s be real: She never did anything wrongSHE’S NEVER DONE ANYTHING!!!!!!!  Some feel that her 2011 wedding to Kris Humphries was a sham for public relations purposes (which we can’t argue with). None of you ever went to law school did you? You’re arguing for the other side (again). Obviously, we’re not praising her here—she’s made plenty of missteps—but no one has been truly hurt in the process. Really? Really???? How about America’s youth, the advertising industry, teh American work ethic and the entire cultural zeitgeist!!!!!! Plus her sister is a minotaur and her Father let a murderer back on the loose!

tori-spelling6. Tori Spelling

StyleCaster’s Words: While Lena Dunham and the cast of “Girls” may be the face of modern-day nepotism, it was all started by Tori Spelling. As the daughter of super-rich and powerful Hollywood producer Aaron Spelling, she naturally nabbed a role on “Beverly Hills, 90210” and has remained in the spotlight ever since. During the past few years, she’s appeared in a slew of Oxygen reality shows with her husband Dean McDermott, where she’s always portrayed as being whiny, needy, and impossible to please. Again: Has she done anything truly offensive? No.

Rob’s Take: Let’s see, she’s a shit actress that has a job because of her Father. Without her Father’s money she would have her Father’s downsy face. Her only contribution to society right now is a shit reality show where she comes across as a shit human being. Has she done anything truly offensive? YES!!!!!

Giuliana Rancic7. Giuliana Rancic

StyleCaster’s WordsThe E! host, while overly skinny and seemingly image obsessed, has never done anything truly wrong, though many feel that her interviews don’t seem to be genuine (especially when she’s covering red carpets, where she routinely praises celebrity outfits—then later critiques them on “Fashion Police”). After going through hardships in recent years (like a battle with cancer and her inability to conceive), public opinion of Rancic is turning around, but for some reason the host has always been met with more than her fair share of haters. 

Rob’s Take: She’s a host on E! Television who is two-faced by StyleCaster’s own admission. I feel bad for her personal troubles, but that sympathy wanes when she sells out this turmoil to advertisers. The body is going to fade people, better start reading.

Jennifer-Lawrence-on-Her-Body-In-Hollywood-I-m-Obese-28. Jennifer Lawrence

StyleCaster’s Words:  While Jennifer Lawrence is at the top of her career game right now thanks to the Oscar she just snagged for “Silver Linings Playbook,” there’s still plenty of backlash against the star, namely due to her “I’m so normal!” attitude, which some think might be fake. And of course, she’s the star of the “The Hunger Games,” and some fans weren’t pleased with her portrayal of the franchise’s protagonist, Katniss. 

Rob’s Take: StyleCaster is just a site of keyword whores. NO ONE and I mean NO ONE hates her!!!! You have zero proof. You have just proven traffic, not journalism is your watch word.

kristen-stewart9. Kristen Stewart

StyleCaster’s Words: While “Twilight” star Kristen Stewart received a ton of negative attention for admitting to a tryst with her married “Snow White and the Huntsman” director Rupert Sanders, people hated her long before that. It’s fairly easy for some to hate her—she’s unfathomably rich and famous, and seems to completely hate it. A K-Stew red carpet appearance generally involves her looking bored, wearing Converse, and rocking disheveled hair. Also, when she was caught in a compromising position with Sanders, she got way more flack than he did—especially from “Twilight” fans who will never forgive her for hurting her on-and-off again boyfriend Robert Pattinson‘s feelings. 

Rob’s Take: YOU JUST MADE THE CASE AGAIN WHY WE SHOULD HATE HER!!!! And refuted none of the claims. However, you also forgot she is one of the worst fucking actresses alive and has the face of a man. Plus, her parents are HOLLYWOOD AGENTS!!!!! See Tori Spelling if you are still confused why people talk about her.

miley-cyrus10. Miley Cyrus

StyleCaster’s WordsAs a Disney Channel star on “Hannah Montana,” Miley Cyrus was relatively hater-free until she began dabbling in controversial activities like pole dancing onstage at 17. More and more people began turning on the starlet, but she didn’t seem to care—she just went on with her life, getting engaged to hunky actor Liam Hemsworth. Obviously, this angered plenty, given Hemsworth’s great reputation and undisputed good looks. When Cyrus cut her hair in 2012, many were thrilled with the choice—but others chastised her even more. 

Rob’s Take: Miley actually gets some sympathy from me, she didn’t stand a chance. People hated the name Cyrus long before she was on Disney. She was a cute kid that became, like most of us in our twenties a raging whore. Nothing wrong with that! However, when you sing like a chipmunk and are batshit crazy some hate will follow. I agree with StyleCaster (sort of) on this one, although I think I just made a better case.