Facebook likes suckOK Facebookers, here’s your first lesson on why you can take your thumbs up, likes, and stick them where the sun don’t shine.

Likes suck. They are the equivalent of getting a handshake at the end of a date. Sure, you get to touch some skin, but let’s face it, it isn’t the skin you want to be touching.

Like kissing your sister or taking your mom to prom, “likes” are a hollow platitude that do nothing for your writer/marketing friends.

Shares are where marketers and any writers get any kind of reach for their work. And if you share correctly, you might just make your marketing or writing friend a superstar.

No One Reads Likes

Social Media has exponentially increased the amount of content on the Web and the amount of information a person needs to distill each day. How often do you read in full the stuff YOU actually like on Facebook? Be honest? Maybe 3 out of 10 articles or posts. I know that’s my average.

Now, how often do you read your friends and families likes? Never? That’s what I thought. FaceBook likes are the equivalent of mastubatory marketing. You can say you did it. You can say it happened often, but ultimately it’s a metric of solitary gratitude that goes nowhere.

Likes Go Nowhere

Let me expand on that last sentence. Scientists and countless camwhores have proven that pictures and prominence garner clicks. Because they hold such a subdue spot on your FaceBook page, your friends never see them and  thus never share them.

“I Have No Idea How to Share”

It’s OK, you’re like 2 or 3 other people in the world. Here’s your steps:

  1. Read something awesome
  2. Hit share
  3. ADD A MESSAGE: Was that clear? Shares that come with a personal message like “check this out” reach far more people
  4. Ensure the pic comes through: Pics matter, you must have pics for clicks. If the original article didn’t have one, shame on the writer. They are not worth sharing. Like them and move on.
  5. #’s Matter: Adding hashtags of the original keywords in the article is important for search. Vital actually if you post on Google +. If unsure on hashtags to add, simply boost the keywords at the bottom of the article or post. Or use relevant keywords from the title or URL of the piece.

Thank you from every writer and marketer in the world.