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Banner Ads That Made People Click

In B2B marketing we’re always looking to engage users with Banner Ads that stand out from the cacophony of noise cluttering modern web pages.  Here are a few examples I created with my team from our “archives of past wins” that made a measurable impact in clicks to our website.

The key ingredients were humorous takes on end users’ idiotic activities with their work smartphones and tablets. They were situational sadness for IT, but resonated on helping them with real-world problems.

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Marketing for Morons: Why I Dislike Your Likes on FaceBook

Facebook likes suckOK Facebookers, here’s your first lesson on why you can take your thumbs up likes and stick them where the sun don’t shine.

Likes suck. They are the equivalent of getting a handshake at the end of a date. Sure, you get to touch some skin, but let’s face it, it isn’t the skin you want to be touching.

Like kissing your sister or taking your mom to prom, likes are a hollow platitude that do nothing for your writer/marketing friends.

Shares are where marketers and any writers get any kind of reach for their work. And if you share correctly, you might just make your marketing or writing friend a superstar. 

No One Reads Likes

Social Media has exponentially increased the amount of content on the Web and the amount of information a person needs to distill each day. How often do you read in full the stuff YOU actually like on Facebook? Be honest? Maybe 3 out of 10 articles or posts. I know that’s my average.

Now, how often fro you read your friends and families likes? Never? That’s what I thought. FaceBook likes are the equivalent of mastubatory marketing. You can say you did it. You can say it happened often, but ultimately you should be ashamed for this go-absolutely-nowhere metric.

Likes Go Nowhere

Let me expand on that last sentence. Scientists and countless camwhores have proven that pictures and prominence garner clicks. Because they hold such a subdue spot on your FaceBook page, your friends never see them and  thus never share them.

“I’m Stupid and Have No Idea How to Share”

It’s OK, you’re like 2 or 3 other people in the world. Here’s your steps:

  1. Read something awesome
  2. Hit share
  3. ADD A MESSAGE: Was that clear? Shares that come with a personal message like “check this out” reach far more people
  4. Ensure the pic comes through: Pics matter, you must have pics for clicks. If the original article didn’t have one, shame on the writer. They are not worth sharing. Like them and move on.
  5. #’s Matter: Adding hashtags of the original keywords in the article is important for search. Vital actually if you post on Google +. If unsure on hashtags to add, simply boost the keywords at the bottom of the article or post. Or use relevant keywords from the title or URL of the piece.

Thank you from every writer and marketer in the world.

Embrace a Zombie for a Healthy Marketing Jack

What to do when your list is exhausted and Halloween is approaching – embrace the Holiday for registrations that go through the roof. Concept and copy by moi. Execution by my very good design friends.


They shuffle mindlessly through the halls; satiating an unquenchable thirst for bandwidth off the corporate WiFi and gurgling a unison mantra for eeeeeemail and aaapps. They are your employees and they have been infected by the alluring glow of their smartphones and tablets .

The only thing standing between enterprise data security and the BYOD apocalypse is you – the IT Hero. And here are your weapons of survival!

MaaS360 Productions Proudly Presents
The BYOD Survival Zone



MARVEL at meaty resources and templates field tested against the most gruesome of BYOD attacks!!!!


BASK in the bloody blogs boasting beat downs of BYOD infractions!!!!


TURN-ON the terror tubes of m-zombie demise!!!!


CHASE down the chilling case studies chastising the unchaste of BYOD!!!!


Hard offers are something I have waited my whole career to create. In larger (and much slower) services or big sale organizations, discounts are never advertised, it all happens at contract time.

However, in the world of Mobile Device Management – discounts runeth deep trying to capture the market’s hearts and minds. This email was for select sales reps to send to select clients.

Theory on sales emails – SKIP THE FLUFF. Consumers can smell marketing from 10 miles away. Quick conversational and OUTSIDE of your marketing automation system are essential for that personal feel

Subject: 15 for 12 – 3 Months of MDM on Us

Season’s Greetings (name),

The holidays are for giving, and I wanted to tell you about a special offer I’ve been allowed to give some of my select clients for MaaS360.

If you’re able to sign with us before 12/31, I can give you 3 Free months of MDM, basically a15 month year for all device, app and doc management. Here are a few bullet points on why you should act now: 

  • No Budget, No Problem: Order today and pay nothing until the coffers are refilled for 2013
  • 3 FREE Months for every device: This could add up to thousands in savings
  • Holidays Deliver Bountiful BYOD: Phones and Tablets are predicted to be top sellers this year, which means those devices will enter the workplace starting January 2nd.
  • December is the Perfect Time for New Programs: As the year winds down, vacations wind up. There’s no better time to start experimenting with the hundreds of control and security features in MaaS360 without interruption. You can be signed on and have your first device enrolled in less than a half hour.

Please let me know as soon as possible if you want to take advantage of this offer. I want to get you the best price possible and I know for certain 12/31 is the drop dead date, we won’t be extending the deadline.

P.S. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, feel free to share this Holiday reason with your stakeholders and approvers.

Block Apps

10 Commandments of Bring Your Own Device

Ten Commandments of Bring Your Own DeviceThe 10 Commandments of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) came to us in a brain storming session.

While the concept has been done before (literally and figuratively), we felt the mobile device management market needed a kick in the pants and some good ole’ fashion bible speak to drive home the tenets of managing personal devices in the enterprise.

I fought hard to write this piece like Moses talking to the people and the rewards were indeed bountiful. It’s no Gangumn Style, but it brought in some very nice B2B marketing numbers – several thousand in fact.

The Commandments are Thus:

1. Create Thy Policy Before Procuring Technology
2. Seek The Flocks’ Devices
3. Enrollment Shall Be Simple
4. Thou Shalt Configure Devices Over the Air
5. Thy Users Demand Self-Service
6. Hold Sacred Personal Information
7. Part the Seas of Corporate and Personal Data
8. Manage Thy Data Usage
9. Monitor Thy Flock—Herd Automatically
10. Drink from the Fountain of ROI

Words by me, art by the very talented Nathan Salla.

Download the Ten Commandments of Bring Your Own Device