My belief in social media as the great disseminator of enlightened information for the masses is truly becoming overpowered by the relentless pursuit of profiles in search of simply gaining more reach with absolutely nothing to say other than the plea to continue this insipid chain letter to infinity. Jane, get me off this crazy thing if our progeny are simply going to collect other humans online like a Pokemon tournament.

Bots, these people are literally biological bots seeking to ride the coat tails of the exponentially smaller group of true content drivers.

Hey, I’m part of the problem. As a B2B marketer for almost 20 years (zoinks), I was scoffing over hashtagging before Falon and Timberlake. Today though, dark humor amusement has become more bemoaning at the fact our hashes are mastubatory metric blinders. We think our hashtags are wooing buyers, versus the true reality of us all just entertaining the competition. Go ahead right now social media managers and minions: Search a coveted # in your marketing lexicon. 90% is the competition right? That’s why content marketing is now king. You’ll get more brand devotion and conversions by tweeting assets that spark a buyer’s personal interests as well as the business of your digital messaging. We marketers are better than the drones I mentioned above, but lets not have too many delusions of grandeur about our stations being much loftier. Have fun gaming search everyone because we are not gaining brand zealots.

Going back to the basic biological bots I mentioned earlier, I’ll say right now that the use of social media measuring tools exponentially increases their desire to be in your network. Careful all. I lead a dual life publishing as much in B2b channels for salary as I do geek culture channels for fun. These dummy profiles are dragging down my relevance appearing before those I truly value seeing my tweets. I gained earnest followers by always linking to more germane content. My trusted views are being hijacked in apperance algorithms by a group seeking to game the system for prominence, profit and often times both.

I love the potential of social media so much that I am driven to drive away these social barnacles, or battle these silent bloated bisons crapping on our golden content fields. Automation will help, but we must exert our our own consumer free will to finally take our short messaging to places where these gadflys can be swatted away or simply can’t find.

Weighted content feeds are most welcome, but we must start finding ways to weed out those who are essentially making these helpful algorithims worthless. Don’t follow me. Please!

What say you fellow content producers and social socialites?