Marketers if you want to win in social and content marketing I encourage you to get your head out of your laptops and eyes on the world around you.  

Here’s some recent epiphanies:

DIVERGE FROM: “Oh My God, You’re So Pretty!” In Social 

Usually squealed by the clearly two best looking women in the room. It’s a test of the opponents’ equal merit and mettle in Darwinistic Dominance. 

We as marketers live in this same false platitude passiveness with #, favorites and retweets. 

We’re preening one another ti test and if dominance demands it copy and feed off one another. 

We are so transfixed by preening, the market fades away to the backdrop softly saying “screw you guys and goes we’re going to another home for info not # parity.” 
DIVE INTO: Being the Duckey of Content 

Every sociological construct these days has a Duckey. This is in reference to the irreverent yet wisely observational and instantly witty  character played by Jon Cryer in The 80s Classic,  “Pretty in Pink.”

Quick, name another character as fast the Duck Man if you’re a child of the Hughes cinematic era of Film.

Anywhere and everywhere, the freak off the leash turns heads and burns the most indelible impression. 

Is your content Duckey, or Blllllaine?  In a commodity market, you better don a shark skin jacket. 

DIVERGE FROM: Telling customers they are so beautiful they’ve been running through your CRM alllll day. 

Only the most comely of face and innocently dopey can sling a pick up line. 90% of the time, these whimsical words of cut to the chase sound like you will end up eventually stalking the other person.

For those of you slinging emails to your database on mass volume with the same ole’ lines you will only end up going home lonely. Likewise for social. Sling bullshit originally or not at all and quickly start quoting knowledge if you go into this danger zone you sexy product you. Also let your prospects breathe a little from the barrage of your undying affection to reach them. If you have a new line, cool, head in again for the kill.

Anything you have to add Wordies?