Dan Jarowoi sent #ASKROB this gem: Objectively, which do you think has the better films,  Marvel or DC?

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Objectivity is easy here. I’ve never held favorites in the land of comic books over my (ugh) 38 years of collecting.

Even when I was reviewing comics for the past ten years on the site that shall now remain nameless, I was never biased in my mutual love of Marvel and DC books despite one being way cooler and easier to work with vs. the other.

I love DC for the iconic characters and rich history, which they have tried to maintain over 75 years without ever aging their characters. It’s been a hot mess at times, but I have them a gold star for trying. Marvel is more angsty and character-driven, dirtier if you will.

But for comic book movies, the better choice is Marvel! Here’s the why:

  • Marvel had a plan, DC simply reacted until recently. By building “phases” into the Marvel play they captured the nut of comics. A serialized experience with rapid fire-cadence. Each movie held it’s own (like a comic book), but was building to a grander story. Phase I = Age of Ultron as the culmination. Phase II = Infinity War as the end point. DC, had some movies that sorta tied together, but weren’t built that way first. They got out their Chestnut Superman and then said, “shit, we need more.”
  • Each Marvel movie just makes sense: Mel Brooks once said, “It’s good to be the King.” Why? Because you can do what you want. DC, in trying to play catch-up, is trying to emulate the Marvel Movie Serial experience with less budget and less time. Rushed, cheap, and trying to change the wheels on the bus while it’s moving are always the signs of a market laggard, not leader. Each DC movie has been a hodge podge of a bunch of comic stories loosely woven together at best (looking at you Green Lantern with your three movies in one). Were you confused by Batman vs. Superman? It’s cool, it went through three rounds of what it will be about (e.g. Justice League, Superman sequel, Batman and Superman movie, Wonder Woman, Superman sequel, Justice League)
  • Disney leaves Marvel alone: We know this through countless interviews. DC, doesn’t have the same luxury, which we know from their corporate structure. They are run by a WB suit, not a creative. All art dies when created for money vs. the soul. While I know Disney wants moolah as well, they just don’t seem to lead with that mantra.

That’s my thoughts, what do you think?