Justice_League_23_CoverJUSTICE LEAGUE 23
Writer: Geoff Johns
Artist: Ivan Reis
Publisher: DC
Reviewer: Rob Patey (aka Optimous Douche Ain’t It Cool News)

DC just got Skull Fucked…and I can’t wait to see what’s next.

After much hullabaloo, speculation that has ranged from the outrageous to the downright erroneous, and fan reactions that could only be silenced by the monumental news of #BatBen, Trinity War ends.

I dug the Trinity War…a lot, but I’m also a self-professed DC fangeezer. To show my fervor isn’t completely deaf to reality though, I hear the arguments and I can’t say I disagree. However, it’s all about perspective. This is a build up to something else (namely Forever Evil), but I say that’s comics folks, everything should be a buildup to something else. I hear the accusations about false promises, but again comics should be a surprise – and when did anyone swear on a bible to work at a comic company? Finally, I totally understand the rage against the New 52 characters being different than they were before, but here is where old timers and those accepting of the New 52 can come together in gleeful harmony.  Because these young upstarts are about to get bitch sla vbpped with some old-school alternate Earth awesome.

That’s right Pandora’s Box…skull…was more likely developed by Jerry O’ Connell than God, it’s a transport device that brings forward the Crime Syndicate of Earth 3…and we all shat our pants.

This is a great choice to be the next morsel thrown to us alternate reality fans.  As much as I would have loved for all 52 earths to have been revealed in form and function when the Monitors wept at the end of FINAL CRISIS, I must admit this slow reveal satiates my all too male thirst for the hunt and frankly the tease. Thus far, the multiverse inductions have been stellar from Earth One’s heft, to the blink and you’ll miss it appearance of Earth 23 in ACTION. Every story has felt special because we simply never know when and how the next will appear.

This series and particularly this issue also helped quell a bit of my rage at the first arc in JUSTICE LEAGUE. I was not a fan of volume one, the whole thing lacked purpose in my opinion except that is on EARTH 2 where all the big guns died in a blaze of glory. Earth Prime’s League though, seemed to tussle with a few Mother boxes and had Darkseid yell at them for one panel before all was right again with the world. As it turns out there was a story behind that story. Whether it’s true or ret-conned I don’t care. It fills in gaps I was looking for on the eternal question of “why?”

All of these behind the scenes machinations are relayed to our dumbfounded heroes by the mystery man who orchestrated the war and much of the wrong doing since September 2011 – Earth 3’s very Joker like Alfred Pennyworth. This bad ass who has sent all of Earth’s heroes chasing around the globe and beating the piss out of one another is just a minion on the opposite and far more badass Earth 3.

The story ends with Pandora’s skull getting cracked open wide by ole Alfie so he can bring forth his masters of Ultraman, Superwoman, Owl Man and Johnny Q.

Johns also throws in a double…make that triple agent whose the cause of Superman’s sickies in this series. Nope, Supes ailments have nothing to do with the box…skull.

Forgive the run on sentences in this review, but I didn’t want a week to go by before congratulating DC on a job well done. Trinity War is pure comic booking, in any reality.