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Dear Rob,
Is there honestly anything in life that freshman year in college did not prepare us for???

Great Question DooDoo,
Employment…and names that could be used somewhere than on a college campus.

Dear Rob, 
Is your answer to the above question short because your memory of said year is foggy at best?

Great Question Smitty,
For clarity let’s look at the original question and my response:

Rob Patey 92-93See Smitty, the fallacy is in the asking of the original question. Because despite the copious amount of substances ingested that year, under the tutelage of you, Brown and Sims I became in part the man I am today. And I remember all of the lessons about friendship, life and love in stark clarity. 

You three took a young boy afraid of his own shadow and showed that manhood is about taking chances, grabbing the bull by the horns and dancing sometimes with your penis out of your pants. Daring is not a fool’s endeavor, one simply needs to know when to pump the brakes.

It was an expensive lesson for my parents (sorry Mom & Dad), and when I had to leave I was truly heartbroken. But it also made me stronger and more resilient. It made me realize that work and fun need a careful balance if now is going to be a success as a human being.

However, that year didn’t teach me shit about writing (my employment) and I couldn’t wait to ditch that dialed-in crap nickname Joel gave me because I banged his girlfriend.


Dear Felix,
Why do we disagree about all things comics and yet I can’t quit you?

Great Question Oscar,
odd-couple-patey-howellBecause we my friend are like Catholicism and Protestantism. Same town just different sides of the tracks. We both love comics, I’m simply less nostalgic and realize we’ve moved passed then to now. I’m going to look for the best of what’s new, even if it’s not as good as what I remember.

We also don’t need to agree to enjoy each other as writers. I don’t agree with Glenn Beck, yet I will watch his chalkboard antics all day because it’s an example of effective communication to the slack jawed masses.

We all don’t need to agree, but all must be open to the possibility of being agreeable.