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Dear Rob,
Is NJ truly stronger than the storm? What does that even mean?!

Great Question Biz,
NJ-stronger-than-the-stormJersey is in fact not stronger than the storm. Actually that was a misspelling, not surprising since most Jersey residents are illiterate and or ragingly dyslexic.

It should say “New Jersey is stronger than the Strom.” This of course refers to Strom Thurmand a man who was wheel chair bound for most of the 20th century since he had been alive since 1840.

In this case, New Jersey is indeed Stronger than the Strom. We can totally kick the ass of anyone in a wheelchair.


Dear Rob,
What the fuck? I mean, what the fucking fuckety fuck?

john-kerry-syriaGreat Question Dave,
I can only assume this refers to the unfortunate circumstances in Syria.

Don’t worry Dave, we’ll wipe out the entire country soon….by dropping John Kerry’s enormous head on it.


Dear Rob,
Who really let the dogs out?

who-let-the-dogs-out-Great Question Paul,
As for who really let the dogs out, we need to look at the definition of “dog.”

In many cultures dog is a euphemism for penis. So as for who let the dogs out, I bet it was that slut Britney who dry humped Tommy in American Apparel last week.